The Society

The Cambridge University Foodbank Society is a student run society which aims to help local foodbanks and charities provide food for those who need it whilst reducing the amount of food wasted by the university. The society was founded in 2015 and is currently in its third academic year.

In our first year, we managed to recruit representatives for many of the colleges at Cambridge University, implement a scheme for non-perishable foods, hold an event with Daniel Zeichner – the Cambridge MP, collect and donate food to local foodbanks, and we also won the Venture for Change award run by Cambridge Hub. We have recently implemented a college-based donation stall scheme and actively encourage donations.

Our ultimate aims are to help university affiliated places (such as colleges and departments) to form relationships with local foodbanks and charities, and to encourage these places and university students to donate their excess food. If every student in Cambridge donated just one item of food it would total roughly 20,000 items – imagine how many people this could feed!